Larger Visions is founded on the belief that violence against women can no longer be tolerated.

It is estimated that 1 in 3 women globally are affected by gender-based violence. Gender-based violence includes atrocities such as rape, forced marriage, genital mutilation, inadequate healthcare, and human trafficking.

Larger Visions is dedicated to helping others overcome and transform gender-based violence through providing women-positive leadership training, safe-houses, and rehabilitation programs.

Safe House Program:

Women-positive: The Larger Visions safe-house model seeks to find new ways to support women’s ways of thinking, knowing and acting personally, interpersonally, and globally.

Transformational: The Larger Visions safe-house model is transformational in that it seeks to empower leaders who then empower others to be leaders themselves.

Conscious: The Larger Visions safe-house model emphasizes self-awareness, compassion and collaboration.

Sustainable: The Larger Visions safe-house model seeks to be environmentally sustainable. The Larger Visions safe-house program goal is to be run by local women.


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